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Elementary School

Our school is open Monday through Sunday. On weekdays we are open from 9:00 am - 7:00 pm and during the weekends we are open from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm.

Yes, your child will get 4 official provincial report cards, given they are enrolled from September to June.

November - Progress Report Card 1
January - Report Card 1
April - Progress Report Card 2
June - Report Card 2

No, all textbooks for your child’s class are included in the tuition fees.

Depending on the grade of your child the course load will vary.

For Grade 1-3 students they will need to take 6 courses (Math, English, Science, Social Studies, The Arts, and Health and Physical Education)
For Grade 4-6 students they will need to take 7 courses (Math, English, French, Science, Social Studies, The Arts, and Health and Physical Education)
For Grade 7-8 students they will need to take 8 courses (Math, English, French, Science, History, Geography, The Arts, and Health and Physical Education)

There are no additional fees for the course. However, if you are looking for tutoring, workshops, or clubs for your child, those are an additional costs.

Z3 is on the path to be more environmentally friendly and we send out all our report cards by email, however if you would like a physical copy of the report please let us know beforehand.

High School

For most students you would need to submit your most recent transcript and 1 government issued ID. For further details, please contact our school office, (416)553-2999.

We accept students year-round as part of our continuous intake program.

International applicants follow a different application process compared to the domestic applicants. Please contact our admission office, (416)553-2999, to get further detail on the required documents.

Transcripts are available only to full-time students. Current students can request an updated transcript at the end of the school year. Retired students (already graduated) must order their transcript from the school.

Z3 is a recognized school in Ontario, authorized by the Ministry of Education. By studying at Z3, students have the opportunity to apply to various universities across Canada and around the world.

General Information

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Discover our diverse range of workshops, including music classes, arts and crafts, science wiz, and much more! To receive a list of the latest workshops, simply email us at z3edu.centre@gmail.com.

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